Blood screening

Our blood tests give you invaluable insights into your long-term health, energy and hormone levels.

Each of our services tests a number of parameters to give you the information you need to take action whether with your own GP or our in-house clinicians.

Choose your test
  • Before your test

    For the 30-minutes before your test you should be rested and fasted.

  • During your test

    Your blood will then be drawn using a needle and syringe. You may feel a slight pricking or scratching sensation as the needle goes in, but it shouldn’t be painful.

  • After your test

    Your results will then be sent to you by email. If you would like to discuss your results further, you can take them to your own GP, or for an extra charge you can discuss them with one of our private GP’s.

When will I get my blood screening results?

You will receive your results within 48 hours of your appointment.

What if I need my blood screening results explained?

We can either send your blood test results to your GP, who can take you through the results or for an additional fee, you can have a consultation with one of our GPs.

How will my blood test sample be collected?

Your blood sample will be collected by drawing blood in one of our clinics.

Can I add additional biomarkers to one of your existing checks?

Depending on what, you may be able to add additional biomarkers to your test, please request it with prior notice and our screening co-ordinators can discuss with you.

Can you prescribe medication based on my results?

No, we will not prescribe you any medication following your blood test. However, our in-house GP can provide advice on supplements and medication.